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Local Guitar and Bass Teacher in South Birmingham & North Worcestershire

Hi I’m Michael a local Registered Guitar Tutor. I’m based here in South Birmingham/North Worcestershire B45

  I teach guitar to all levels to Grade 5.

From complete beginner through to upper Intermediate….

I also teach bass





Types of guitaring?

Rock Guitar, with electric, riffs, power chords,

a bit of distortion and 

hard edge if you want…..

Acoustic Guitar for the balladeers and romantics…Ed Sheeran

George Ezra,  anyone?

Tracey Chapman, Bob Dylan?

Jazz Guitar...electric or acoustic,

whatever you want to do, be it

intermediate improvisation or

playing chords along to jazz

standards from yesteryear….

Blues Guitar….the roots for so much modern music,

for Rock, Fusion,pop even. Great for electric,

Great for acoustic, great for beginners,

get those three chords learnt, learn a pentatonic scale or two,

and play those 12 bar blues !


  • Arpeggios ….running up and down notes of individual chords across the strings…sounds nice on an acoustic guitar

  • Chords …essential and need to be learnt to be honest so that you can play with singers/other musicians…to play the songs basically!

  • Soloing ….nice feeling of freedom when you get into this, even at a basic stage, and a nice brain challenge to noodle with later in your studies. Also essential if you have to step forward and take a solo in a song!

  • Intricate Fingerpicking  – play chords and melodies together, sounds nice on an acoustic guitar, and you have a whole band on one guitar. The whole song can be played at once.