Riffs from Bad Love – Eric Clapton

Here’s a video with some riffs from the song Bad Love from Eric Clapton’s Journeyman album (1990). A return to form some might say for EC(!)

On my Ibanez I am down tuned, down to D standard, so I am actually playing the riff in D Minor. On the record, it appears there is a Wah-Wah on it, but I just used a standard overdrive setting for now. The riff can be found throughout the song, but obviously there are verses with chordal stuff in and the chorus.

At the outro, there is a clean riff , where it leads into a very technical tasty solo by Eric. Quite fast in places that solo is too! Although I teach to Grade 5 on guitar I must admit, I would find it very difficult to learn that solo ! Then again , it is of a very high technical standard! EC after all!

I am just playing the basic riffs here, just so as to give you an idea.

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REM Riffs part 2

Here’s a video with some riffs from The One I Love from REM.

It has a riff at the beginning before some chimey two note arpeggios, which are simple but effective.

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