REM- Everybody Hurts – Lesson Notes

Lesson Notes – REM-Everybody Hurts with sound file(link attached)

Playing Notes:This is in 6/8 (or ¾) the best counting is 1,2,3 4,5,6 …..
For each D chord and G chord as below it is 6 notes at a time.

We then move onto a G major pattern but we skip over the A and D strings and it is best (to be accurate with the record) to get both 3rd fret placed down on the top B and E strings.

This section of music repeats x 2 times.

First chordal pattern x 2 , D major to G major

The first six notes are the D major chord arpeggio, in other words the yellow highlighted open D string is the start again of the pattern (the second set of 6 notes)..


On the third run through we come to the variation…
this is where we have a descending passing note on the second set of G major arpeggio….. We do a 3rd fret bottom string on E then play open D and G strings, then play 2nd fret (F#)bottom string and play open D and G strings….



Then let ring the E minor and A chords

we then just let ring an E minor chord…for 6 beats….count 1,2,3,4,5,6……then A chord (count 1,2,3,4,5,6) then play Em again (6 beats) and A again (6 beats)…..pause…..then back to the beginning…….


Pause for about 6 beats (no music)…then….go back to the beginning

And here’s the Sound file example for the Lesson Lesson File  >>>>>>>

Sound File for Lesson